Timelapse options on the XF100 are a little strange. On first inspection, it appears to have some pretty flexible and solid options for timelapse photography with the Interval Record feature. XF100 Left SideHowever, you soon realise that although you can set the interval to 1 second, the fewest frames you can capture is 2. It would seem a lot more more logical to me to have a 1 frame option. 1 frame every 1 second. 1 frame every 5 seconds. 1 frame every 10 seconds….you get the idea. Why would I want to capture 2 or 3 or 5 frames in an instant at an interval of 2 seconds??! It doesn’t make sense. Anyway, there is a way to get the camera to operate as you want and get beautifully fluid timelapse shots. It’s quite simple really.

  1. Set the camera to 720p 50fps.
  2. Set the Rec Frames option to the minimum of 2 frames at each interval.
  3. Set the interval to whatever makes the most sense for your timelapse.
  4. Import the 50p footage into a 25p sequence.

In order for the footage to ‘conform’ to the sequence, 1 of the 2 frames captured at each interval is dropped and you end up with 25p smooth timelapse footage.

Menu Settings to Setup Timelapse

XF100 Resolution SetXF100 Framerate Set XF100 Interval Record SetXF100 Interval 1 Second

 Test Timelapse Footage on XF100

Sample Footage Download

Below are three sample timelapse clips from the XF100. These are ungraded clips directly out of the camera so they will look a little flat without some work in post.

Sample Clip 01   Sample Clip 02   Sample Clip 03

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  • urs kern says:

    Dear Torsten,
    I read with great interest about your process to make nice & smooth timelapse-sequenzes with the canon xf100.
    I have a question: what do you mean in point 4 by «Import the 50p footage into a 25p sequence»?
    I am working with Final Cut Pro X and don’t know, where I can find the setting to reduce from 50p to 25p for the import. Can you help me?
    best regrads – and chapeau for your work!
    urs kern

    • Torsten says:

      Sorry for the late reply. Did you solve your FCP question?

      Point 4 refers to the idea that as the camera shoots 2 frames at once (no idea why) if you shoot this as 50fps footage, the output is something like…

      FRAME1 = IMAGE1
      FRAME2 = IMAGE1
      FRAME3 = IMAGE2
      FRAME4 = IMAGE2
      FRAME5 = IMAGE3
      FRAME6 = IMAGE3

      etc. etc.

      If you can manually create a 25fps sequence or composition and put the 50fps per second footage into it, every other frame is missed and you get…

      FRAME1 = IMAGE1
      FRAME2 = IMAGE2
      FRAME3 = IMAGE3…..

      Nice clean smooth video output. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do this in FCP but I’m absolutely certain that it’s possible.

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