3 Ways to Create a Vignette in Premiere Pro

By January 26, 2015 October 10th, 2015 Tutorial, Video

What’s In The Tutorial?

This 10 minute tutorial covers 3 ways to create a vignette in Premiere Pro CC 2014.

1. Using a PNG overlay image created in Photoshop (includes a description on how to create the vignette)
2. Using a plugin (in this case, Magic Bullet Looks).
3. Using the circle tool within Premiere Pro itself.

The third of these methods offers the best mix of speed and flexibility in my opinion.

Update: The Lumetri color addition to Premiere CC 2015 now gives you a fourth option and provides a slider to add a vignette similar to that found in Adobe Lightroom. A very nice and long overdue addition to the software.

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