Here we look at the iPhone disconnection problem when trying to backup through iTunes. The error message is actually kind of predictable…

“iTunes Could Not Backup iPhone Because the iPhone Disconnected”

Video Description:

This problem has been around for years but I have not seen it until a few days ago. This video talks through the solution I found to the problem (one possible solution). Hopefully it might help you either solve the problem or maybe just look in the right direction. I have no doubt that this could be caused by multiple things but it’s worth trying this as it’s so easy to do and it did work for me.

I tried some of the other solutions out there but they don’t work. It seems that this one will remain a bit of a mystery and plague iTunes users for sometime yes.

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  • Frank says:

    Thanks for the video! Unfortunately, it did not fix my “iPhone disconnected” problem during backups. I am actually using an Apple iMac, and it’s plugged directly into the USB port on the computer itself, no hub. Still get the error.

    I found that doing a “Reset Network Settings” allowed the backup to complete, however only once. On the next backup, it was back to the “iPhone disconnected” error. I even updated my phone to iOS 9.

    They really need to fix this bug.

    • Torsten says:

      They absolutely need to fix this. This is huge on our search analytics at the moment which shows how many people have this issue. Feedback so far seems to be that this fix works for some and not for others. Everything is worth a try though because it’s a pretty major failure.

  • Love these Was stoked to see the pic of me and my ct70 on the salt

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