Lightroom Workflow of an Amateur Photographer

By October 26, 2015 General, Photography, Tutorial


I believe that everyone who regularly uses Adobe Lightroom for developing their images, establishes almost a ‘rinse and repeat’ method for how they assess what needs to be done. A Lightroom workflow is partially dictated by the order of the sliders on the right hand adjustment panel but what people look for and how they make their adjustments defines the final look and feel of their image.Lightroom Workflow

A friend of mine uses the same version of the same software but always comes up with a look that is distinctly his own.

What’s In The Video?

This video is me walking through my Lightroom workflow using a picture taken using my DSLR camera. I class myself as an amateur but do have a fair bit of Lightroom experience. Sometimes seeing how someone else works with a piece of software sparks ideas. Maybe it’s just spotting a keyboard shortcut and other times it’s a whole piece of functionality that you hadn’t seen or used before.

Included in this video tutorial are the following…

  • Checking exposure with the histogram
  • Sampling and adjusting white balance
  • Sharpening and sharpening mask
  • Radial filter
  • Adjustment brush
  • Heal tool to remove large and small marks

This video assumes a prior knowledge of the Lightroom software. I am using Lightroom CC 2015 for this tutorial.

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