Here we’re looking at Native Instruments expansion packs on the Maschine Mikro MkII hardware and Maschine 2.4.0 (R4769). More specifically, we’re taking a listen to the Crystal Daggers expansion pack.

NI have really come up with a winner here. Some of the kits sound truly excellent and provide some great samples or entire sequences (patterns) to work with.

Crystal Daggers Expansion Pack:

Expansion Packs

The video takes a listen to a few of my favourite kits (sounding very much like Purity Ring in many cases) and I also listen to some patterns and look at the basics of how the parts hang together. I make a few minor edits to the patterns, sounds and fx but this is mainly just taking having a play and giving you a chance to see how great these packs are. I’m interested to know whether you’re tempted to go for one of these after you hear the audio. I suggest you listen on a good pair of headphones. None of this iPhone in-ear rubbish! Just kidding. Whatever works and is available.

Is It Cheating?

I don’t really want to go here but I’ll mention it quickly. Whenever I look at loops, samples or expansion packs of this kind, it always opens the question of whether these types of packs enhance or actually stifle creativity. Is it a bad thing that the sound is already created for you to work with? Shouldn’t you be doing that bit by recording or programming a synth? I’m not sure of the answer but they are great fun to play with. It’s like having a Yamaha keyboard as a kid except it sounds perfect! A good song is a good song. Who cares how you get there.

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NOTE: This is a completely independent look at this software. I am not affiliated with NI. I just like their products.


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