Automation is a little bit hidden away on Maschine. In fact, I often find that it’s not the most obvious function on many DAWs, even though it’s absolutely essential to creating interesting and varied music. Once you know where it is, it’s fairly logical and straightforward to use. The addition of the hardware control (I use singular here because the Maschine Mikro only really offers one good control for automation) means that it’s also really good fun to use. I don’t think many people would disagree that adjusting an audio parameter or effect in real time using a physical control is much more satisfying and achievable than carefully moving a mouse or trackball.

What’s In The Video?

Thank you to Odu Oba Ara who commented on a previous Maschine tutorial I made and suggested Automation as a good topic to cover.

Maschine Mikro Automation Comment

That’s what we’re looking at here. The tutorial tries to do all the work with the hardware controller rather than using a the software interface. That way, you can see how it’s done on the Mikro MkII. It’s always harder to work that way initially but quickly speeds up your workflow. I use a kit from the Crystal Daggers expansion pack and show how to automate the parameter in one of the sounds created using Massive. I chose Massive because it has so many adjustable settings and it demonstrates the power of being able to automate any of these very simply from the controller.

I also look at a few extra tips around using the controller such as zooming, scrolling and displaying elements of the software interface directly from the hardware.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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