On a chilly day in February 2016, we headed out into Bristol armed with cameras (in this case an XF100 and a D80) and an intention of making our first on location photo walk YouTube video for the tdcat.com channel. This is that video.

Having never done anything quite like this before, we were interested to see what went in to creating such a feature and to see if we could do it…..or not.

After a few meetings down at the local pub, with lots of scribbling down of ideas, trying to form them into a plan and drinking a few pints of beer, we packed up our cameras, pulled on our winter coats, and went out to create the best photography video YouTube viewers will have seen… Ever! Well, you have to think big, don’t you?

Seriously, hopefully we managed to make something that is at least watchable to some, and even enjoyable to a few. We did have a lot of fun making this and hope to bring you more photography related videos, including reviews and opinions, how to’s and tutorials, in the future. We may even throw in some more photo walks around our lovely city, and some other places in the UK, too.

We filmed our Photo Walk around the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, UK and looked at some of the great locations to get a good picture of the bridge. We also took a trip into the tunnel below the Clifton Observatory and down into the Giant’s Cave.

Thank you for watching.

Rod and Torsten – tdcat.com

Photo Walk - Clifton Suspension Bridge

Photo Walk - Giant's Cave

Photo Walk - Private Property



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