What’s In The Video?

A video from 2013 that is still totally relevant today looking at ideas and suggestions on how to remove and work with a black muslin background or backdrop in a home studio. This goes together with this video which looks at a white background. The technique is very similar on both with some differences around the key tools required to get the job done.

This is done in Lightroom CC and uses the blacks and whites sliders, exposure, graduated filters, heal tool, adjustment brushes and sharpening tools to create a good looking final result. It will work fine for anyone using Lightroom 4 and upwards (as some of the tools were introduced with Lightroom 4).

If you’re on a budget, low cost continuous lighting and a few muslin backdrops can be purchased for less than $100. With a bit of space and imagination, you can create some great images.

Thanks to Kate for posing for me when she was 39 weeks pregnant. 3 of the final images from this shoot can be seen below.

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Kate 8 Months  Kate 8 Months  Kate 8 Months

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