What’s In The Video?

A video from 2013 that is still totally relevant today looking at ideas and suggestions on how to remove and work with a white muslin background or backdrop in a home studio.

This is done in Lightroom CC and uses the blacks and whites sliders, exposure, graduated filters, heal tool, adjustment brushes and sharpening tools to create a good looking final result. It will work fine for anyone using Lightroom 4 and upwards (as some of the tools were introduced with Lightroom 4).

If you’re on a budget, low cost continuous lighting and a few muslin backdrops can be purchased for less than $100. With a bit of space and imagination, you can create some great images.

Thanks to Kate for posing for me when she was 39 weeks pregnant. 2 of the final images from this shoot can be seen below. The work done with the background makes it a very easy image to use on a website etc. due to the background being true rgb 255,255,255 white.

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Kate 8 Months  Kate 8 Months


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