Panasonic DVX200 Tests & Experiments

Unless your cameras are nothing but a tool for you to get a job done, getting a new one is an exciting time. Seeing what it can and can’t do and how well it performs in the standard environments you’ll want to use it in is fun. It’s a normal part of getting to know the camera and understanding how you can expect it to respond in a given situation.

In my opinion, the more complex a camera is and the more manual functionality it has, the more likely you might be disappointed initially with the results. Don’t be disheartened by this. Give it time and learn what it can do. If I were to use an audio processor out of the box, none of the presets would sound the best they could or to my taste. It would require tweaks and changes and understanding to get it sounding its best. A camera is no different.

Anyway, this page contains some ramblings and tests with the Panasonic AG-DVX200 camera. Rather than spamming the YouTube channel with random short clips, I’ve uploaded them as unlisted videos and you can view them here. I’ll also post some footage straight out of the camera for you to download and test. This is something that should be offered as standard but never is. This page is in flux and will have things added to so Google might not keep up with the indexing of the content.

Remember, the YouTube / Vimeo / Wistia clips are heavily compressed and often look not even close to the quality of the originals when viewing fast action footage. They seem pretty bloody good on very low motion clips.

Panasonic AG-DVX200 Firmware Page

V-LOG L Grade Comparison from FHD

V Log Raw V Log Graded

V-LOG L Grade Still from FHD

Film Grade FHD 59.94fps

V-Log 10-bit 4:2:2 – Montage

External Recorder UHD 2160p Downloads

A link to some ProRes and DNxHD footage from the Shogun Inferno external recorder. It’s not true raw footage but it is exactly what comes out of the camera and not an edited, H.264 compressed version.

Macroblocking Problems with V-LOG L

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