Some thoughts on the Canon 5D Mark IV

By August 18, 2016 Photography, Technical, Thoughts

Chat about the 5D Mark IV

Based on current rumoured specs on August 15th 2016:

If social media and rumours are to be believed (and let’s be honest, believing anything on social media is a very risky strategy), we are shortly due to see the release of the Canon 5D Mark IV. The long awaited new version of the EOS 5D line up has been the stuff of rumours and speculation since about 2013…not long after the release of the Mark III.

However, as the latest model is allegedly going to be released later on this quarter and sites are now claiming that the specs are ‘confirmed and accurate’, I thought it was worth doing a chat about them. The video (which is actually more of a podcast format) is purely my thoughts on the specs, how they compare to the 5D Mark III and whether they are feeling like anything to excite either stills or video users of the 5D.

In general, the 5D is a workhorse. It may never have all the bells and whistles but it does what it does extremely well. It’s reliable, well made, portable (‘ish) and produces stunning images. Its market spans keen amateur, right through to professional on both the stills and video side. If you don’t own the 5D MkIII or the 5DSR, it looks like this will be a superb camera for the money. As to whether it’s worth the upgrade might only depend on your video requirements. For stills, I don’t think it is at the moment and for video, it’s possible that many people are now using other solutions such as larger sensor cameras like the C100, C300, FS5 or Blackmagic offerings and the limitations of the SLR format might be becoming a limitation.

Remember, these are just thoughts and personal opinions. Don’t take it too seriously!

Canon 5D Mark III


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