Train Simulator 2016 – Berlin to Leipzig

By September 2, 2016 Reviews, Software

4 Station Sample Footage

A four station stop sample of this new / updated route from Berlin to Leipzig  in Train Simulator including (slightly sarcastic) commentary. Captured at 60fps at quad HD (that’s a resolution of 2560 x 1440), this should give a good idea of the design and look of the route, a look at the BR101 (DB Class 101) train as well as the sounds in the game including on board station name announcements which are quite nicely done. This video has both outdoor and tunnel / underground footage.
Something a bit different for today. So different, in fact, that I turned off subscriber notifications when I published the video because I felt guilty that subscribers to the channel may not appreciate a thumbnail about Train Simulator.  I felt like taking a look at the latest version (released last year) from Dovetail Games. I’m not sure why but there you go. One thing I will say is that it’s surprisingly relaxing to play but certainly keeps you occupied. You are kept busy almost all the time which is something I totally didn’t expect from driving a train in a simulator.

I love the attention to detail that goes into the routes and, although they’re expensive and arguably overpriced, you can see that there is a passionate community of users and developers behind these which justifies the expense a little more in my mind.

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