Atomos Shogun Inferno Recorder – Unboxing

By October 19, 2016 Technical, Video

Shogun Inferno 4K 60p External Recorder

The Atomos Shogun Inferno was announced in April 2016 at NAB. Atomos teased us all for another 6 months before releasing this product at the end of Q3 2016 (September). In fact, it only actually shipped well into October due to a few delays in getting it ready. Jeromy Young, CEO of Atomos, was happy to make a video explaining and apologising for these delays. This was a good move and definitely eased frustrations.

Atomos Shogun Inferno

So it finally shipped out worldwide and landed in the UK a few days ago. This video is a straight unboxing of the product. Nothing more. I will be adding a look at my personal setup later today and will also post some clips straight from the Inferno in the coming weeks.

This retails for about £2,000 in the UK so it’s not cheap but is a great spec recorder. I can’t wait to get out and shoot with it.

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