Camtasia 9 – First Impressions & Overview

By October 27, 2016 Software, Thoughts

Chat and Thoughts about Camtasia 9

These are my initial thoughts and impressions of the new Camtasia 9 software from Techsmith. It’s software I use every day so I was excited to see what the team had added into the upgrade released this month (October 2016). If you work in distance education, this is the screen capture software standard unless you’re willing to invest considerably more for training solutions such as Adobe Captivate.  This is also great software but it is a much more expensive alternative. Camtasia is ideal for tutorial and how to videos and, if you’re a gamer, this is still a good capture option for you. I’m not sure it offers 60fps with it’s native codec which I know gamers look for in screen capture software. That would be its only limitation.

With the addition of new library assets, a fresh interface and 4K / UHD capture, Camtasia 9 has come out just in time for me as I was starting to look at alternatives such as Bandicam due to a dated and tired looking Camtasia 8.

Upgrading to Camtasia 9?

If you’re a current owner, you can upgrade for roughly £100 which is a very reasonable price for such a major change. If you need a license, it will set you back £185. Still a reasonable price for software if you need it.

If you use Camtasia 9 or any older version, please let me know your thoughts on the latest version. If you’re thinking about buying it, feel free to get in touch with any questions either here or on my YouTube channel.

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