Sony FDR-AX53 Tests, Experiments & Downloads

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Introduction to the FDR-AX53

Released in early 2016, the Sony FDR-AX53 camcorder is the successor to the FDR-AX33. Unlike many camera upgrades, this camera has seen changes in key areas like an entirely new sensor. It’s an expensive camcorder but a low priced camera considering the functionality, portability and image quality it offers. It’s an excellent option for YouTube, vlog work and anywhere you need professional image quality but need complete portability.

Below are a number of videos I’ve published to my YouTube channel over the past month reviewing and testing various aspects of the camera’s use. The tests are a little crude but hopefully they will help you decide whether this camera is the right one for you. If you have any questions, please do comment below or come back to me on YouTube via the video comments section.

FDR-AX53 Tests, Experiments and X-AVC Clip Downloads

The first video looks at the main bad points I’ve noticed after a few weeks using the FDR-AX53. I don’t want this to come across as a negative video. It’s just there are so many attractive features of this camera, I felt it better to concentrate on the couple of bad points so you can decide if any of them are deal breakers.

Unboxing & Overview

As part of my ‘Goods In’ playlist, I did a full unboxing and overview of the AX53 in the video below.

Stabilization Test 01 – Plane Landing

This video was shot in FHD and uses the full Sony BOSS Intelligent Active Stabilization system.

40x FHD Clear Image Zoom Test

This camera offers 20x optical zoom and 30x clear image zoom in Ultra HD and 40x clear image zoom in 1080p FHD. This video shows the reach of the full 40x zoom as well as how usable handheld footage can be even when zooming in to such a degree.

FHD 1080p 100fps / 120fps Slow Motion

A look at the 100fps (PAL) / 120fps (NTSC) HD 1080p recording mode on the Sony FDR-AX53 camcorder. I use some footage shot here in Bristol to give a fairly quick and dirty edit and example of how this looks.

Clip Downloads

Full HD Clip 01 (1GB)  Ultra HD Clip 01 (678MB)  FHD Close Up (424MB)
Full HD 100fps Clips - Google Drive Folder

Join the discussion 3 Comments

  • Hello Torsten Dettlaff,
    I live in Denmark.
    I have watched your Sony FDR AX53 Camera takes/tests, and they are pretty impressive compared to the price of the camera.
    I also noticed the 5 minusses, and am primarily concerned about the missing opportunity to operate in manual mode with the FDR AX53.
    I have used a Alpha DSLR-A900 (without video) for years, and I am somewhat sold to the full frame censor. I noticed the lack of details in the fields in front of the city, when you zoomed in.
    Unfortunately the Sony FDR AS100 with the larger sensor has no image stabilisation (I think it’s a predecessor to the FDR AX53, and FDR AX53 is merely an upgrade of FDR AX33).
    What I dream of is the combination of the large sensor and stabilisor with HD (of course 4K would not hurt if included).
    So based on your experience and market overview – do you know, if an option exists, which include the mentioned features, manual control, large censor and image stabilisation, within a price frame of £1500?
    Eigil Skovgaard Hansen

  • Jim Kearns says:

    Wow ! Your site is just fabulous for anyone looking to buy this camera, which is my situation. Really appreciate the down-loadable footage.
    You’d think that Sony would have sample footage at their website, but no, that would make too much sense.
    Once again, many thanks for your great work and best regards from Christchurch New Zealand.

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