Pixieset Overview – Why I Keep Coming Back

By December 19, 2016 Photography, Reviews, Web


Pixieset class themselves as, “The better way for modern photographers to share, deliver, proof and sell online.” This is a bit of an open / none statement. They don’t say best and they don’t say better than what. Still, it sounds nice enough and the service really does perform well if you want a simple, completely non-technical way to share and sell your pictures. I don’t take pictures for a living but I do enjoy taking pictures of our friends and their children growing up. Respecting privacy of parents is essential when distributing pictures from parties etc. The basic rule that everyone should stick to is, don’t put them on social media unless they all explicitly say you can. Pixieset offer pretty good privacy options to lock down galleries and help send out pictures for people to either download and then do what they want with or print through you. We’re not talking about encryption but it does mean that the photos are…

  • Not searchable and indexable by Google
  • Cannot be accessed without a suitable password
  • Security by obscurity. I.e. a link is required.

The video looks very quickly through the web interface and shows what you can quickly achieve. Below are the main pros and cons of the service.

Pixieset Pros:

  • Incredibly quick to setup (can also assign admin templates to the setup of each gallery)
  • Fast upload and download speeds to galleries (responsive servers)
  • Good security options for pictures and downloads (password, pin, sets, download limits, resolution etc.)
  • Simple clean design (admin and client experience)
  • Perfect mobile support (as you would expect)
  • Great payment options through Stripe (credit card), Paypal and Apple Pay
  • Flexible but logical and simple store options. Good end user shopping experience
  • Everyone gets the full feature set, just the storage differs

Pixieset Cons:

  • Not for those into web design (not many design options and no CSS / code editing)
  • Only basic options to apply brand look and feel
  • Only 10GB storage on Basic Plan ($10 / month)
  • Limited UK lab & delivery options
  • No right click functionality within admin interface (such as seen in Google Drive)
  • No video hosting options. Could be a show stopper for some. Surprising omission


I don’t use this professionally, nor am I being paid in any way to say nice things about this service. It’s definitely worth a look if you don’t want to tweak and mess around and just want to get your pictures out to clients, friends or family. It does what it says on the tin and a simple and user friendly way. If you have used the service and have any thoughts, please let me know below or comment on my YouTube channel.

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