Davinci Resolve – Beginners Guide & Walkthrough

By January 23, 2017 Tutorial, Video

Davinci Resolve Basics

A starters look, overview and walk through of BlackMagic Davinci Resolve 12.5. The video includes a brief step by step description of each of the 4 work areas within Resolve (media pool, edit, color and delivery). I do focus a little more on the editing and color grading sections.

I created this using the current version at time of writing (12.54 from December 2016) but the overview provided is relevant to any recent version of the software.

Davinci Resolve Screens

If you’ve just opened the Resolve for the first time or are looking to download it (it’s free in it’s Lite version), this video will help you find your feet and learn how to get started importing, editing, grading and encoding your video.

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Since beginning using Resolve in 2015, I have created a couple of tutorials as I learn. A sample of these is below.

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