Still Images from the AX53

I went out to Leigh Woods in Bristol a few days ago and decided to take a few images to see how the Sony AX53 would hold up as a stills camera. Below is a video where I work through a few images in Adobe Lightroom and look at the good points and where the camera hits it’s limitations as a point and shoot replacement.

Let’s face it, this isn’t going to compare to a full frame DSLR with a good quality lens but it’s interesting to see how well it does. As it’s pulling the same resolution data from the sensor, this is pretty much what you can achieve in 4K video on this camera too.

The Good and the Bad

• Extremely accurate and vivid colours
• You can use the zoom in the same way
• The jpeg files hold together well in processing
• The image detail is excellent
• The focus control is nice and simple
• It’s extremely quick and easy to switch modes in camera
• Get the benefit of stabilisation for stills

• JPEG compression and a bit too much of it
• Maybe a little over sharp and over saturated out of camera
• Image artifacts in very high contrast areas or blown out areas
• No rotation sensor to detect portrait images
• Ergonomics don’t lend themselves to a stills camera

Download the Original & Processed Files

You can download the photos I look at in the video at the links below.

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