Essentials for Good Automation

SAM Broadcaster Pro is a reliable and well established piece of software which I have used for over ten years in a number of music and radio setups. It has simple but incredibly powerful flexibility to prevent the awful radio event when ‘random’ or ‘shuffle’ settings allow the same track to come on two times in a row. Setting your software and database up correctly can allow a listener to enjoy a seemingly random selection of varied music while behind the scenes you are carefully allowing SAM to control every aspect of what gets played.

This is a tutorial looking at using clockwheel scripts, playlist rotation rules, the importance of track naming and categories in SAM Broadcaster Pro. If you want to get a quality and varied station sound and playlist, these are some handy starting hints and tips.

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If you’re using this at home, for internet radio or for background music in a bar or restaurant, these ideas are vital to get your automation to work as well as you need and expect it to.

SAM BROADCASTER can be found here at SpacialAudio –

They also have a great Wiki page to offer guidance and help if you’re setting up the basics or delving into more complicated areas such as PAL scripts.

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