Direct Linking & File Hosting in 2017 – Not So Easy

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Direct Linking Is Not So Easy To Find Anymore

A talk about which option or service to use for file hosting and direct linking in 2017. If you need direct links for downloads on your site, take a look to see which services work for me and why and those which definitely do not.

It’s not easy to find a service that will offer premium or direct linking and file hosting without the intrusive intermediate download page belonging to the service itself. This is basically what I’m looking to avoid. I want a seamless flow through from the look and feel of my website through to a download that I may be offering.

Direct Linking - MediaFire Logo

In summary I need a service that is…

• Offers true direct linking
• A reliable and established service
• Independent from my ISP and web server
• Reasonable price
• Offer 1TB of space or more
• Offer fair monthly download traffic
• Max out my upload speeds (no caps)


Direct Linking - Logo

I guess this is maybe quite a lot to ask for. Cloud storage and bandwidth costs money and I appreciate that a paid service is needed but the direct linking option seems to be harder and harder to find in 2017.

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Update 13/02/2017:

If you really want speed, functionality and are happy to get a your hands a bit dirty with the technical side, a far better solution is true massive and scale able cloud storage from Amazon S3. This could be a little more expensive if you are going to have a massive amount of traffic but it’s a fair system because you only pay for what you are using. No consumer front ends or service pricing where you have to be an ‘average’ user. This is perfect for power users who may not have the traffic of Instagram but do want complete control and massive flexibility (arghh…how many sales type words can I put in a few sentences).

A good (actually it’s really essential) GUI to navigate Amazon S3 is S3 Browser.

I have done a few videos on this which you can find on my channel.

Amazon Web Services


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