VideoBlocks – What Can You Really Expect – An Impartial Review

By February 1, 2017 Reviews, Video

VideoBlocks – What’s It Really All About?

A truthful, honest, unsponsored and somewhat opinionated look at what the VideoBlocks service really offers and why people sometimes have the wrong expectation of it.

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I’m a little bored of hearing about VideoBlocks through people advertising it at the start or end of their videos. Too many reviews of the product out there are sponsored and biased. I don’t want a sponsored review where everything is made out to be wonderful and exactly what you need. So, I decided to look at the service myself and discuss the good and bad so you can make an educated decision as to whether it’s the right service for your needs.

What’s In The Video?

This video is split into 2 main sections.

• Firstly I look at 3 reasons why the service tends to not be well trusted. It seems to have a bad press out there with many people questioning whether or not the service is a scam.

• Secondly I look at the site itself and what you get with an account. I also discuss the VideoBlocks business model together with an example of the difference between generic stock footage and real stock footage.

Thanks for watching and please comment below if you have any questions, are looking to use the service or have an account.

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  • Leonard Hill says:

    Thanks for the info,

  • Reed says:

    I also have fallen victim to this dishonest auto renewal scam that videoblocks seems to be doing to all its members
    I’ve tried several times to contact support via email and have not received a single response
    I think the poor standard of service you give to your customers is completely unacceptable and I’ve even had to shut down the bank account you deducted the money from to ensure you don’t do this to me again
    I will definitely be warming all my collages that work in the digital content creation industry to steer clear of this terrible scam

    Shame on you videoblocks

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