A Quick Reality Check for New YouTubers

By March 11, 2017 General, Web

8 Tips and Realities for Starting Out On YouTube

Some tips, ideas and realities that new YouTubers or starters and beginners on YouTube should know (or at least consider) when starting a new channel.As I mention at the start of the video, this is all from the viewpoint of a small YouTube channel (that’s me) so what the heck do I know!?

Well, I know how it feels to work hard and try to dedicate time into your channel for what is minimal return as far as views, subs and revenue is concerned. That’s why the first tip is so important. As a new YouTuber, you have to love what your doing and love making vids. Don’t endlessly chase views, subs and recognition. That really shouldn’t be the end game. Make videos because you like making videos. The comments and view from the community are a nice extra.

I have spent a couple of years getting into this and want to share what I consider to be important based on personal experience and knowledge I’ve picked up along the way. A lot of it is common sense but it’s the stress on what’s important versus what’s not that’s more useful, I think.

There are actually many more things that you could look at such as your brand identity, production quality, technical aspects around encoding, audio levels, videography etc. but these are ultimately much less important and specific considerations than the topics I discuss here.

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