Simple & Effective Lower Thirds Title in Premiere Pro

By March 16, 2017 Software, Video

Lower Thirds in Premiere Pro CC

A simple and quick way to create a nice modern looking animated lower thirds title with logo in Premiere Pro.

This requires no additional plugins and can be done in about 5 minutes once you’ve got familiar with the way it’s done. Premiere is maybe not the most suitable software for this type of work but sometimes it’s just nice to stay within your editor when you feel the need for this kind of content. Equally, you may not have access to After Effects (or similar) to allow you to create this more effectively.

What’s In The Video?

I work through the entire process from start to finish including…

• Creation and animation of the bar
• Creating the title and making it look great
• Adding and positioning the logo
• Fading all elements as needed

I would class this as intermediate level because I’ve tried to do a lot in a short time in this video so there are quite a few things I don’t explain and I do race around the screen a bit. If you do have any questions, please comment on the video or on this post. I’ll usually respond within a day or so.

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