Testing aptX Latency on the Trond Bluetooth Transmitter

By March 19, 2017 March 29th, 2017 Audio, Technical

Is aptX Good Enough For Real Time Monitoring?

This video is really just an unscientific aptX latency test using the Trond Bluetooth transmitter receiver connected to aptX compatible wireless headphones.

I bought the Trond device as a potential way of using my Sennheiser Momentum bluetooth wireless headphones to monitor audio from a camera without the need for a cable. However, the question I’m asking here is, can this Bluetooth transmitter and receiver do the job? Is the latency of aptX really low enough to make it comfortable to use and is the Trond actually good enough to support this?

The advertised latency of aptX may be well below 40ms but in reality and when used with a low price chipset on the Trond and any extra latency that the receiver may add, what is it really?

What’s In The Video

Explanation of the intended use and need for low latency

Setup to test the latency

The latency test using headphones connected with the Trond

Calculating the exact latency in milliseconds in Adobe Audition

Yes, this is a flawed test as, for all I know, the headphones might have defaulted to non-aptX mode for some reason (they DO support aptX…that is certain as it’s a big selling point of the headphones). Where this test is valid, however is that it demonstrates exactly how I intended to use them with the Trond device. If it doesn’t work, it’s not really up to the job I had hoped.

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Gear Used in the Video

Mic 1: Rode NTG 3
Mic 2: Sennheiser EW100 Lav Mic
Mic 3: Sennheiser MK 8
Field Recorder: Tascam DR100 MKII
Camera: Sony FDR-AX53
Test: Adobe Audition
Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro
Titles: Adobe After Effects
Thumbnail: Adobe Photoshop

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