Do YouTube Subscribers Matter Anymore?

By August 15, 2017 Thoughts, Video


A single take, informal discussion about whether YouTube subscribers matter anymore. This is my view as a creator of content but also as a subscriber to many channels on YouTube.

Are we at a point now where the feeds provided to us are so effective based on our viewing history that subscribing to a channel isn’t really necessary anymore? Is there more to it than that? What makes you subscribe to a channel? Is it because you want to be sure you’ll receive updates from that channel or is it purely because you enjoyed the content and the work put into it and feel that a subscription is a way of saying thank you? If you make videos, what matters to you? Subscriber count or views?

I’m not considering SEO and rankings at all here. Whether or not a high subscriber count means your videos rank better automatically is something that very few people can answer with anything other than theory and supposition.

Thanks for watching and offering your own thoughts and views on this subject.

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