Mixcder HD601 Bluetooth apt-X Headphones – Pros & Cons

By August 13, 2017 Audio, Music, Reviews, Technical


Headphones range enormously in price from the £1.00 junk available in a pound store to the Sennheiser HE 1 coming in at a somewhat more pricey £50,000. Yes, you read that right. It’s fair to say that many people don’t really want to spend more than £100 on a pair of headphones and it’s only those who are suckered into the marketing and celebrity nonsense that surround Beats by Dre headphones that might be willing to pay more but actually get less. Oh, I must point out that, sound quality aside, Beats have done the most amazing job at promoting them. The way they’ve made a pair of headphones an essential item purely due to a somewhat tenuous association with an idol is outstanding. I mean, hell…I’m going off on a tangent here mentioning them!

The HD601 headphones from Mixcder come in at around £50-£80. While they may not be the best sounding headphone available, they hold up extremely well on many styles of music and really can’t be beaten on price, especially when you consider what the HD601 offers.

I was sent these to test and used them for 2 weeks in place of my Sennheiser Momentum II wireless headphones. Below are a list of the pros and the cons.

For more detail and discussion on all the points listed below including a demonstration of the call quality issue, take a look at the video.


  • Lovely minimalist, clean and simple design. They look great
  • Good battery life and 2 hour charge time. Not best in class but good
  • Functionality vs. price is outstanding – AptX, AptX LL, NFC, Wireless, Wired, Calls
  • Really easy to use and reliable
  • Sound quality can be rich and solid given the right type of music
  • Build quality feels plastic but does give a sense that they will stand some knocking around
  • Price. Seen for £45.99 which is outstanding for what you get.


  • Call quality (mics on headphones) is poor and very quiet
  • Folding ears do nothing for me
  • The voice announcements sound terrible
  • Weird bugs when wired with power enabled
  • Sound quality is good to a point but soon falls apart with complicated stuff. Coloured by case sound
  • No acoustic decoupling
  • Bass boost not announced and not needed


There is no doubt that brand and possibly also lack of active noise cancelling might put people off the HD601 headphones but I can safely say that, if you’re on a budget and want to pick up a decent pair of wireless headphones, you could do much worse than these. Maybe you want a second pair to chuck in your bag. Maybe you want a pair for your children to use so they don’t annoy you so often when watching Paw Patrol on your phone. Whatever the reason, these are worth £50 of your money.


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