Online Video Tutorials – How Long Should They Be? – Part 1

By August 14, 2017 Thoughts, Video


This one is really a question to you, the reader…or possibly the viewer if you decide to watch the video instead. How long you think online video tutorials should be? I’m asking in general. Not specifically about my content.

One of the key criticisms of video tutorials is around getting to the point and that they are too long. I’m certainly guilty of that and it’s something that is mentioned numerous times in comments on my videos. Is there an ideal length? Do you like a more relaxed and chatty format or do you just want a list of instructions with some random (but always annoying) music track over the top?

For me, YouTube isn’t a career. It’s a hobby and a passion so I have the privilege of being able to produce whatever I want. It really doesn’t matter if it gets 10 views or 100,000. That’s not to say I don’t want to improve my output though so any feedback and criticism is always welcome.

Part II of this looks at my personal opinions and I offer a few suggestions based on my few years experience creating this type of online content.


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