iPhone 8 Plus – A Real World Review After 2 Months

By December 17, 2017 Reviews, Technical, Thoughts


Let me explain what the title of this post means. Whenever a new iPhone comes out (such as the iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X in this case), there’s a massive media frenzy to produce reviews and get first looks at the devices. The problem is, most of them are either very Apple biased or very anti-Apple in some way, shape or form. No-one really provides a real life review for a few reasons.

Firstly, no-one has any real time with the device. They are so desperate to get the videos out quickly that the reviews lack experience and ‘wisdom’ gained through using a product. Secondly, they are usually produced far too soon after purchase to be past the novelty factor so you’re left with somebody genuinely believing that an ‘animoji’ has a massive long term appeal on a device that can do so many more important things.

The difference with my review is that I didn’t care about upgrading. I get an upgrade with my day job (and I am grateful for that fact) but at that stage I had no qualms or complaints about my iPhone 6 Plus. It worked well with my watch, worked with Apple Pay and performed all the other standard tasks that I use my phone for (music, banking, video, photo, public transport, maps, searches, social media etc. etc.).


I’ve become a little apathetic towards the phone market in the last year or so. No-one has really done anything genuinely exciting for some time. I know that these are remarkable devices and simply making something like this is a massive achievement in it’s own right.

The problem is that it’s starting to feel like the PC market in roughly 1987. People were used to having them and while numbers and speeds were going up, nothing was really changing. Now a smartphone is seen as amazing and revolutionary when the display is 1mm closer to the edge than before.

Revolutionary will be when someone designs a phone that can be used for a month on a single charge. Or a device that improves reception of cell towers leading to vastly better data in almost any environment. You know, real physics bending stuff.

Anyway, this is a long way of saying, I just didn’t feel the need to spend more. I was happy with the iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 8 Plus gives me a spec bump and a few other bits and pieces.


After 2 months of using the iPhone 8 Plus, this is what I love about the phone and what the real nice extras are to have when upgrading from an iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 Plus. I also go into what I thought would be nice but has been a little disappointing.

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