Marantz PM6006 UK Edition – Noise On Digital Input

By January 25, 2018 Audio, Reviews


I recently have attempted a minor ‘upgrade’ to some hifi gear (my amp is about 15 years old now) simply to allow me to get a few digital inputs on the amp itself. I opted for the Marantz PM6006 because I have always liked their products since the infamous CD52 back in the 90’s.

Unfortunately I have now given up on the device.

PM6006 #1: The first unit had a dead left channel (it was actually intermittent as I managed to get something out of it for 10 minutes).

PM6006 #2: The second unit had a quiet but clearly audible ‘buzzing’ on all the digital input. This was not 50 Hz mains hum. It sounded more like the digital side messing with the analogue side through poor shielding. Like you’d just put a laptop on top of some cheaper computer speakers. This is what I’m demonstrating in this video. The second section is just me chatting about the alternatives I considered.

Marantz PM6006 UK Edition


Sure. What I heard of it sounded great. Certainly good enough for my speakers, tastes and crap ears.

I’m not posting this purely to moan or make false statements about this amp as a whole. I really want to hear from anyone who has the PM6006 UK Edition and is totally happy with it. It gets so many glowing reviews from all the usual sources that one would expect to have confidence in going for this if you’re after a budget amp.

What’s gone wrong? How can I end up with 2 faulty units in a row? Just bad luck, I guess.

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  • Atanas Manchorov says:

    I have the same problem with the MP6006. I also tried another in the store that I bought it. The same problem was there. The handset told me to take the MP6006 for repair or replacement. I think this is a problem of all PM amplifiers 6005-6006.

    • Torsten says:

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve received reports like this from quite a few people now. I want to believe that I had a faulty amp but it seems unlikely. It does look more like this is a general amp issue that Marantz will need to resolve. I guess the best thing people can do is listen out for it in a store before buying or test it as soon as they receive it and return it. Shame.

  • Atanas Manchorov says:

    Sorry,(PM 6005-PM 6006)

  • David Little says:

    I purchased a Marantz PM6006 on 2nd June 2018 P

    I have been having trouble setting this up as I have been experiencing distortion which was at first intermittent on the left channel.

    I have changed speaker cables, and Banana plugs and also connection cables

    But now on the left channel, it is continuous distortion. I have conducted many tests switching my speakers to the right channel, and they work fine.

    So there is a problem with the amp on the left channel

    I searched on google to see if any one else has had these issues and found this feed

    So now im contacting my retailer Richer Sounds (who are usually very good with these issues) to arrange a replacement but im a bit worried about the brand going downhill now

  • Boilingfrog says:

    I have owned the standard PM6006 for over a year (driving Dynaudio 2/7s). It’s not used often, as it’s in my bedroom system, but I haven’t experienced any issues with it to date (hope i’m not jinxing myself here!). It is the first new amp i’ve bought in some time, having been on a quest to find a bargain vintage budget amp. I’ve tried a LOT, all the usual suspects and an Audiolab 8000A stood out as being the best. To my ears the Marantz PM6006 comes close to this sound performance wise, but outclasses it in convenience having the DAC inputs. I think if i recapped the 8000A it would perform above the Marantz as the 8000A sounds like it’s running out of grunt on the bottom end, but then I’d need a DAC. For the money (Marantz cost me £280, Audiolab £100) i’d say the Marantz is a fine offering. I hope unreliability is unusual and you’ve been unlucky.

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