First Steps Into Wedding Photography – Some Tips & Advice

By March 7, 2018 November 13th, 2018 Photography


An interview with Rod Allsopp about being the photographer at his first couple of weddings. These are his tips, mistakes, thoughts and advice to help others starting out shooting weddings.

The video includes ideas on…

• Group Shots
• Preparation
• Planning and discussing shots
• Whether you’re ready
• Equipment
• Enjoying yourself

The aim here was to get the thoughts of a beginner to help beginners. When you’ve been doing something for years the obvious becomes second nature. When people are new to a subject, the obvious things can be some of the most useful tips.

Rod is talking about the things he did that he found useful as well as the mistakes he made that messed up some of his plans.

Many thanks to Rod for taking the time out to film this. If you are based in the South-West of UK and are looking for someone to shoot your wedding, feel free to contact Rod.

I hope you find some of this interesting and let me know if you can relate to it.

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