Music for YouTube – Artlist Review and Walkthrough

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Music to use in videos is always a problem. The songs you like and are emotionally attached to are generally subject to copyright meaning they can’t legally be used online. Some can, but only if you monetize videos and give all revenue to the copyright holder.

There are quite a few channels and sites out there offering music for you to use. However, unless you’re willing to pay, they are often poorly produced and a little amateur sounding. Even if the music is great, there’s just something about the sound of stock music. It all sounds a bit soulless.


Absolutely not.  At time of production, I am a regular paying subscriber who wanted to do a review of their good and bad points on my channel. I advertise the referral scheme. This is something all users can use.

UPDATE JUNE 2018: I am now affiliated with Artlist and have updated the link above accordingly. I must stress that all the views in this video are entirely my own.


Artlist is a site that allows you to download from a library of royalty free music. It’s a subscription service (annual only) and this gives you access to their full catalogue. The following is directly from their site.

“Every filmmaker should have access to incredible music. That’s why we search the globe for the best musicians, then curate their music into a powerful platform where filmmakers can always find something inspiring, evocative, or moving to underscore their work. We are not a jingle factory, but a community of artists who put heart and soul into our music, just as you put your heart into your video productions.”

There are other services out there doing this but there are a few key reasons that make Artlist stand out from the crowd a little. That’s what I’m reviewing in this video.


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  • David Douglas says:

    Can you monetize the videos you use your music with?

    • Torsten says:

      Yes. You can monetize the videos. This is also not tied to your subscription so if you choose not to renew after the first year, the music you have already used remains fine for monetization.

  • Stan Gore says:

    hi….if i pay the 199.00 how do I access them on Final Cut Pro and does Vimeo recognize them as legit to use?? thanks

    • Torsten says:

      Yes. These songs are fine for both personal and commercial use with no extra payments. It doesn’t matter if this is on YouTube, Vimeo or for a paying client. You download the songs as mp3 or wav files and import them into FCP (or whichever editor you choose to use).

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