Photolemur 3 – Can AI Really Process Your Photos?

By October 1, 2018 November 13th, 2018 Photography, Software


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OK, so let’s start out with some of the explanations from the Photolemur website to give you a sense of what this software is about.

“Photolemur is the world’s first fully automated solution for creating perfect photos. It works on Mac and PC, automatically analyzes and perfects your images, and doesn’t require any manual involvement.”

“Who says you need loads of free time and expensive software to perfect your images? Photolemur does all the heavy lifting, so you can spend more time having photo-worthy adventures!”

Photolemur claims to process photos using AI. The acronym ‘AI’ seems to get thrown everywhere these days. Its true meaning seems to have been a little lost as it has become a buzz word to help sell a product.

In the case of Photolemur, hopefully you get the point. They are presumably trying to stress 4 things…

  1. Photos are processed automatically
  2. Multiple parameters are adjusted (shadows, contrast, saturation, lens correction, vibrance, white balance etc.)
  3. Each photo is treated separately and individually. All the above parameters being changed by differing amounts in accordance with the needs of the original
  4. Some random extra ‘magic’….this is the sales bit…who knows if it means anything at all

It’s easier for Skylum to just to say ‘AI’, right?

Photolemur 3


In the video I look at the brand new Photolemur 3 (released September 2018). Firstly, I provide an overview of the software and demonstrate its capability using about 8 difference RAW photos from my Canon 5D MkIII. I tried to pick a variety of difference image types (landscape, portrait, architecture) and also tried to dig out a few images that appear (at least on first inspection) to be a little bit tricky to process.

Hopefully it will help make the demonstration useful to more people. Here’s the idea. The video has me complaining about the bits I would like to change but the results from the software will speak for themselves.


As mentioned, I cover about 8 sample images in the video but this is an extra one. I wanted to share this because, although the software something goes a little over the top, here it has done a nice subtle adjustment. It could have so easily messed this up by destroying the sky or adding way too much detail in the shadows but it’s a nice example of when it gets it right.

NOTE: Ignore the fact the rotation is off. This is from a Canon raw image and there’s no crop and rotate tool in Photolemur…a shame.

Photolemur Unprocessed Photolemur Processed

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