Retevis RT22 Compact Walkie-Talkie – Pros & Cons

By April 11, 2019 Radio, Reviews


The video contains an introduction, unboxing and brief review of the Retevis RT22 walkie-talkie. I also look at why these devices are not legal for use in the UK when shipped and how to program them for PMR446 usage.

In this post, I’m keeping it brief with a simple pros and cons list of the Retevis RT22 walkie-talkie. There are numerous radios out there, many at ridiculously low prices. Is this the right set for you? Hopefully, this article will help you decide.

** I have not carried out range tests but based on experience, most radios of this type perform similarly. See here for my latest range test video.

*** All opinions are my own. I purchased these products, and my review is entirely impartial.


• Small, slim design but still large enough to handle easily
• Robust small antenna
• Incredibly simple to use
• Great speaker quality for the size
• Standard accessory port
• USB charging (allows the use of any USB port, charger or power bank)
• Decent standby battery life
• Tough plastic exterior casing
• Fully re-programmable (with programming cable)
• Low and high power options (0.5W/2W)
• Low cost
• Cradle charging supported (cradle not supplied)


• Not legal for use in EU without re-programming
• Push-to-talk (PTT) button requires a very firm press
• Fixed antenna
• Not waterproof
• 1000mAh Li-Ion battery may be a little feeble
• Automatic squelch only works well with other Retevis radios
• No charger or charging cradle supplied
• Belt clip attachment is not very tight

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