Today I’m looking at the Choetech T535-S wireless charger. Yes, this is another wireless charger to sit alongside an ever-increasing number of variants on offer as wireless charging methods and standards evolve and morph.

There’s not a huge amount to review here as this is a fairly common device so I’ll run over the pros and cons and outline the features at the same time. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what makes the Choetech a little different than the rest of the pack.


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Price – You can pick this up on Amazon for about £35. Not a bad price for an established and recognised Chinese manufacturer. It’s up there with bigger names like Anker and RavPower.

Quality – The build quality is high. Nothing suggests this is a cheap or low price product. The out of box experience is excellent with quality, professional packaging. The device itself feels good with air ventilation and four decent grips on the base and a pseudo-leather upper providing enough grip for super smooth glass finish phones. The USB-C connector is robust. Even the cable seems up to spec with Choetech branded connectors. Little touches like this go a long way suggesting that this isn’t a package thrown together for the lowest price possible.

Choetech T535-S 5 Coils Internals

Five Coils – Wireless charging works fine with one coil, but it has limitations in power and positioning. Without wanting to sound like an advert for Gillette razors, five coils are better and give you two benefits.

  1. They allow a larger active charge area so you can chuck your phone onto this any which way you please. It’s just not fussy and will begin charging on any of the five overlapping coils. This includes charging through a non-metallic case up to 5mm, but your success may vary with that. I’d stick to direct charging to ensure optimal performance.
  2. They allow you to charge two devices at once. Two phones side by side will work fine as will other combinations such as a phone and your AirPods (v2 only) or a phone and a watch (Apple Watch not supported)

Choetech 2 Phones Charging

Three Charging Modes – With the correct power supply, the T-535S supports three charging modes including standard 5W charging, Apple Fast 7.5W charging and Samsung Fast 10W charging. One of the limitations with wireless charging used to be slow charge speed. This isn’t the case anymore, particularly when you consider how easy it is to drop a phone on and off charge.

Obscured LED – A bedside table is going to be a common location for something like this, so I like the fact that Choetech has added a relatively low intensity and obscured green LED to display the charge status. You can see what’s happening, but it’s not going to light your whole room (as blue LEDs often do) and doesn’t flash when charging.

Works With Anything – Although this will only fast charge using a compatible Quick Charger 3.0 (QC 3.0) power supply, you can plug it into anything to get it up and running. I tested on a USB 2.0 port on my PC, a dedicated charging USB port on my laptop, a 5W Apple phone charger and an old 12W iPad charger. All worked fine but clearly with differing charge speeds.


The T535-S is a quality charger with current specs. I don’t have many bad things to say about it but here goes.

No Power Supply – It does not come with a power supply so you’ll need to provide your own. Don’t forget, that if you want to get the best out of this, you will need at least an 18W QC 3.0 compatible unit. You can get these from Choetech, but I went for a single port Anker product. It arrived same-day on Amazon Prime. I’ll never quite understand how they make that delivery profitable, but that’s a discussion for another time. The power supply will bump up the all-in price to about £50-55 which may start to seem a lot to some, but I would advise never scrimping on a power supply. Go for a quality product to make sure you can feed the Choetech charger correctly.

Design – I personally don’t like the ‘fake leather / black wood-grain finish’ on this charger. It doesn’t impact how well it works, and it’s just my opinion, but I think it makes a great product look a bit tacky and old fashioned — kind of ironic for a QC3 fast wireless charger. Sorry LGR but wood grain just doesn’t do it for me.

Choetech Woodgrain Finish

Apple Watch – This is not a fault of the charger, but this will not charge an Apple Watch. I tried Series 2, 3 and 4 and none will work. Apparently, it’s just a different standard so my luck is out. That’s a shame though as, in my house, that’s two uses ruled out. Bloody Apple. They ruin everything.

USB Cable – Although I didn’t mention this one in the video, it would be nice if the cable provided was longer. I think you’re more likely to want to permanently ‘plumb in’ a wireless charger so a short cable leaves your options very limited.


So that’s it. There’s nothing else to add. In summary, the Choetech T535-S five coil wireless charger is decent, and if you’re after a current wireless charger, you could do much worse.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions and many thanks for stopping by.

NOTE: The wireless charger was provided to me free of charge for review from Choetech but all opinions expressed here are entirely my own. None of my content is scripted by third parties or business partners. I pride myself on honest reviews and will not accept a product if it cannot be reviewed in this way.

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