Sangean ATS-909X – Shortwave Receiver First Impressions

By May 27, 2019 Radio, Reviews


Unboxing and a full, detailed look at the Sangean ATS-909X shortwave radio receiver. I look at the functionality in detail and give my first impressions as a beginner to shortwave reception.


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I’m not new to radio, but I am most definitely a beginner in shortwave reception and its quirks and oddities (meter bands, interference, reception times, random transmissions cuts and switches…the list goes on). Apologies in advance for any mistakes I make in the video.

Since getting rid of most of my hi-fi separates over 10 years ago, I’ve always missed having a tuner or radio of any kind. Everything is streamed now, whether it be internet radio or just Tidal or Spotify. Although there are fewer stations than ever on non-digital bands such as FM, LW, MW and SW, I’m still curious to know what’s out there. I decided to buy a portable radio to do just that and thought I would try out something capable of receiving all the shortwave bands too. The feeling I get when receiving a distant broadcast over the air is the same as it was when I was young. It fascinates me.

I’ve ended up with the Sangean ATS-909X. Not a perfect radio by many accounts but probably more than satisfactory for my needs.


Have you ever used the Sangean ATS-909X?

What aspects do you like and dislike?

Are there other radios out there that do a better job?

Before buying the Sangean I looked into offerings from Sony and Grundig but the Sangean seemed to have the best overall opinions. The problem is, this is such a niche area these days, there’s really not that many reviews out there. It’s not like getting a new iPhone when YouTubers are literally wetting themselves to put some kind of review out in a desperate hope for views. :-) This is fairly specialist stuff.

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