Editing in Davinci Resolve – 6 Beginner Tips

By August 23, 2019 Video


Until a few weeks ago, I edited my videos in Premiere Pro. I’m used to it, and I never had a reason to change.

However, I do my grading in Davinci Resolve. I don’t find the tools within Premiere anywhere near as intuitive to use. In short, I get better results colour grading in Davinci.

So I figured I would try to embrace Davinci Resolve as a complete solution and see how I went. I’m not doing anything particularly complicated, but this change meant that I had to edit, grade and deliver all in Resolve. This workflow is quite different than grading and exporting a bunch of clips in DNXHR for later use.

This video looks at a few tips that I’ve found handy over the last few weeks. Bear in mind that I’m using Davinci on Windows 10. Keystrokes will no doubt be different for Mac users out there.


  1. Use backspace not delete
  2. Importing still images
  3. Enable audio waveforms
  4. Keyframing on the timeline
  5. Adjusting object positions
  6. Some useful shortcuts


Please check out my other Davinci Resolve tutorial content on the TDCatTech YouTube channel.

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