Attaching a GoPro to a Car & Editing Multiple Camera Angles

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Rather late to the party, I have recently invested in a GoPro Hero 3+ camera. It provides a flexible and robust addition to anyone’s kit and will let you obtain footage when you just wouldn’t risk more expensive equipment or simply couldn’t access with more larger cameras. I decided to attach it to my car and attempt a simple round the block trip filming from different locations / camera angles on each trip.

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Timelapse on the XF100

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Timelapse options on the XF100 are a little strange. On first inspection, it appears to have some pretty flexible and solid options for timelapse photography with the Interval Record feature. XF100 Left SideHowever, you soon realise that although you can set the interval to 1 second, the fewest frames you can capture is 2. This describes a way around that limitation.

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