Bose Soundlink Mini – First Impressions

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Released in July 2013, the Bose Soundlink Mini is not a new product but it is still a current product and is still pushed and marketed well in stores through display stands and promotional material. Bose clearly want people to take notice of their portable bluetooth audio range. It is, however, a new product for me. So, what’s it like? Overall, so far so good but I realise that’s of little use if you’re considering purchasing this device. Read more for the positives and negatives as well as an audio recording of the device to hear it for yourself.

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Remove a white background in Photoshop

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It’s not uncommon to need to remove the white background from an image and make it transparent. This can be necessary to make it more presentable on a webpage or presentation. There are a number of ways of doing this within Photoshop but this tutorial shows a great alternative to e.g. using the selection tool or magic wand to roughly remove the white and simply rub it out. It creates superb results and I guarantee that you will use this method in future if you haven’t already.

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Timelapse on the XF100

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Timelapse options on the XF100 are a little strange. On first inspection, it appears to have some pretty flexible and solid options for timelapse photography with the Interval Record feature. XF100 Left SideHowever, you soon realise that although you can set the interval to 1 second, the fewest frames you can capture is 2. This describes a way around that limitation.

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