Free Video Backgrounds to Download

Below are 4 packs of FHD abstract video backgrounds. These are very useful in software like VMix, XSplit or OBS Studio for e.g. live streaming as they are all looping backgrounds. This allows you to place text or other objects over the top but have a moving, non-intrusive video in the background.

The banner at the top of this page shows the kind of thing I’m talking about. You can see how the white text looks clean and crisp above the moving soft background.

Also, they just look incredibly pretty and give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside in the same way that synth pads do. More on that here.

If you want to take a look, download them for free below. File formats are all MJPEG in a .mov wrapper so they should play happily on pretty much any system and they’re pretty good quality (hence the large size). Feel free to use them in your projects.

Blue Backgrounds

£ Free


Purple Backgrounds

£ Free


Orange Backgrounds

£ Free


Multi Backgrounds

£ Free


If you like this, you might enjoy my free Lightroom presets. You can find them here.

Is The Download Safe?

I know it’s always unnerving downloading content from anything but the most established and trusted sites these days. All I can do is tell you exactly what these downloads contain and where they are hosted. All files are 100% free from viruses or any other software. They are all transferred over an https connection.

  • FILE TYPE: Archive .zip file
  • FILE CONTENTS: Video files in .mov wrapper