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It's that time of year again. It's boring, uneventful and while these are technological masterpieces, I'm afraid it's just a device to do the same things we've done for years. These are so much a part of our lives now that they all merge into one. #AppleEvent #iPhone11Pro

It’s surprising how accurately and effectively a fast paced action and combat scene can be conveyed in an #audiobook - Nicely narrated by @carlprekopp

The reality is that when you’re sent products for review, they aren’t generally things you need. However, I’m still using the Aria Pro headphones at work. Thoroughly capable and perfect for conference calls. #tech #headphones

Sennheiser #Momentum3 #wireless #headphones are out. I'm really pleased to see that #Sennheiser have kept the same unique design. On the downside, there's no power button! As far as I know, the only way to turn these off is to fold them. That is poo! #audio #TechnologyNews

God, sometimes I hate Google and their unbelievable influence on how we use browsers. I know Flash is disappearing but do you have to pester me for a year and a half?! #browser #flash #annoying #tech

Autumn is here and the sun is setting so much earlier. Look at the sky though. Beautiful. @ Bristol, United Kingdom

#Website improvements have continued. #CDN implementation is now complete and working well (thanks @StackPath for some decent customer service on LiveChat). #PHP 7.3 is running and some unused scripts have been removed. #webdev #server

It's taken me 7 months to update to #Wordpress 5 and embrace #Gutenberg - I wish I did it sooner. It's bloody amazing! So simple and so fast! I actually want to add content instead of it feeling like a chore. #webdesign

Bit more minimal product stuff today. This is a budget condenser mic from Alvoxcon (sounds like a pharmaceutical company to me). It’s great that people starting out with recording can get decent enough quality at…

Finally got around to some much needed upgrade work on my #webserver - #PHP 5.6 to 7.2 (loads quicker) - new #MySQL server - Massive caching and loading improvements. Get that nice feeling like you do after painting a room.

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