Doing a basic #rangetest on the #RØDE #WirelessGo. Reliability is key when it comes to this type of product so you’d better stick to no more than 5m (16ft). Pretty disappointing.

Thanks @radioddity for sending over the latest version of the DM-1701 DMR 5W radio. After a slow start due to my stupidity (messed up a firmware upgrade) but also a mic problem, I’m now up and running. #dmr #walkietalkie #radio

Took some time out today to give @Farls82 some peace & quite to work on her #revalidation. Have to say I didn't really mind spending the time photographing this wonderful building. @BristolUni #BiologicalScience #architecture #Abstract

Beautiful, simple, small and convenient. But this is a mic so audio quality counts above all else. These must be pretty good at £180, right? RODE Wireless Go - First Impressions & Test #rode #rodewirelessgo #audio #videography

Just bought #Freakazoid by #SilversunPickups (there's a good reason I still buy music rather than streaming, in case you're wondering). I really can't wait for the new album. This is quite different from 'It Doesn't Matter Why' but just as good. Wonderful! #music #indie

Seriously @HelloFreshUK , is it not possible to send a carrot just slightly larger than this. This is for a bolognese for two people. It’s bloody pathetic! 🙁

I'm reviewing #Artgrid today. It's nice to see a stock site offering up to #8K resolutions but also #LOG and #RAW clips. Take a watch here

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