I was curious to know if #ProRes looks noticeably better than compressed XAVC on the #Sony #PXWZ90 - #Videography

Nothing new here but this has to be one of my favourite optical illusions. It's just incredible.

Even though it brings nothing new to the table that’s needed by me, who doesn’t love a good #firmware update? #dvx200 #Panasonic

Larger sensor cameras like the FS5 and C300 etc. are so popular these days. No doubt they are best for e.g. indie film. However, the @Sony #PXWZ280 has such appeal to me as a one man shooter. What a lovely camera this is. #Videography

I’ve used #PremierePro for years but I have never used it on a laptop until today. It’s really rather painful to get anything done quickly. Guess you get used to it. #editing

$695 for the Atomos #Ninja5 - Basically does the same as my Shogun Inferno except SDI. Incredible price! #NAB2018

Break away with the family in #Cornwall for a week. I feeling that this will be the best sky we will have all week. Lovely day. #SummerIsComing #holiday

Finally got it done. 2 grown men finding an excuse to play with walkie talkies for the afternoon...sorry, I mean a serious 10km range test of the @motorolaUS TLKR T80 Extreme PMR446 #Radio #walkietalkie #review

Top quality add-on lenses for your phone from @moment - Firstly, how does this slip in your pocket? Secondly, I still have to work with apps to take pictures. Sometimes physical buttons just work better. Just an opinion as I've never used them. #photography #iphoneography

It didn’t quite achieve escape velocity. Quite possibly the biggest anticlimax ever. #disappointed #rocket

Looking out across the River Dee to North Wales. @ Thurstaston

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