Handling skies separately from everything else is said to be simple with the AI Sky Enhancer in #Luminar 2018. I'm testing it out in this video to see what it can add to your images and how easy it is. #photography #landscapephotography #skylum

Testing out the audio quality today on the T80 (now superseded by the T90), XT420 and the RT24. Everyone asks about range when, for real life use, audio quality can be just as important. #retevis #motorola #walkietalkie #pmr446

Hilarious. I am going to call this a #Grammarly Infinite Correction Loop. #language #spelling #GrammarPolice

I'll be looking the pro end of the 2-way radio market soon. You can spend anything from £10 to £150 on a device that basically does exactly the same thing. What makes the #XT420 worth the extra money for businesses? #walkietalkie #radio #pmr446

I’ve used the T-Racks plug-ins for years. They are incredibly natural sounding and simple to setup. #vstplugins #audio

There are a lot of cameras out there like this, but with a low price, pretty good app and decent image quality, this one is well worth a look.

Do you ever type a word and then become immediately convinced that you have never typed that word before in your life? Today it was 'choreographed' for me. #writing #words #spelling

Testing out this today - - First impressions? Nicely made. Well packaged. Fairly easy to setup. Good enough image. Quiet pan and tilt. Good infra-red. Decent enough app on iOS. Gets very hot when recording continuously. #cctv #ipcamera #petcare #review

Looking forward to the new version of #Luminar - Libraries is not exactly revolutionary but Luminar is amazing photo editing software and this has been lacking! So many use #Lightroom but at this price, it's worth testing another option. #photography

Well I like the call screening feature on the new #Pixel3 but you can bet I'd hang up if someone used it on me. Nice idea though. Other than's a 2018 smartphone......and er, that's about it.

I've been re-watching #Enterprise (many episodes for the first time) but I have now had that bloody theme tune in my head all day. It's driving me insane!! #StarTrek #bingewatching

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