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Christmas tree is pretty much ‘dead’ after 7 days with about 75% of the needles falling with the tiniest touch. Shame. @FarmXmas #ChristmasTree

Apple TV 4K is a very capable bit of hardware. It’s a shame the remote control is a complete joke and breaks almost every rule of what a good remote should be. #tech #hardware #appletv

Lego base plates. Without doubt the most useful and necessary extra to buy with any #Lego. They’re expensive (for what they are) but they allow so much more flexible and expressive building IMHO. #toys #policestation

I’m testing out this little 1306H portable display from @GeChic_USA. It is just a display but this thing is so handy as second small screen for web, TV etc. whilst working on my main desktop or for a single cable second display when working from home. #tech #review #wfh

Forget petty squabbles. How well can you team together with your partner when a leaking poo nappy emergency strikes? #nappy #baby #poo 💩

Interesting discussion at work. We reckon the concept of toilet paper is in need of an upgrade. My colleague made a good point. If you got dog poo on your arm, would wiping it off with toilet paper be sufficient? Would you be happy with that? I think not. 😀#thoughtfortheday

A bit of #5G goodness yesterday in London. This kind of transfer is crucial when shifting large amounts around but I can’t see me needing this in the next few years on a phone. #ee #speedtest

Watching #Teletubbies with my 1 year old. He likes the actual Teletubbies but the ‘real life’ segments in between are always unacceptably crap to him. #tv #cbeebies

This microphone kit is great value if you’re starting out but I wish that they’d put a bit more into a solid mic arm. Listen to the mic here and see what you think. #review #audio #podcast #youtuber

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