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Interesting discussion at work. We reckon the concept of toilet paper is in need of an upgrade. My colleague made a good point. If you got dog poo on your arm, would wiping it off with toilet paper be sufficient? Would you be happy with that? I think not. 😀#thoughtfortheday

A bit of #5G goodness yesterday in London. This kind of transfer is crucial when shifting large amounts around but I can’t see me needing this in the next few years on a phone. #ee #speedtest

Watching #Teletubbies with my 1 year old. He likes the actual Teletubbies but the ‘real life’ segments in between are always unacceptably crap to him. #tv #cbeebies

This microphone kit is great value if you’re starting out but I wish that they’d put a bit more into a solid mic arm. Listen to the mic here and see what you think. #review #audio #podcast #youtuber

#AI in #Luminar4 extends to skies and #portraits. The sky replacement works but it's not for me. I like a photo to be of something I actually took. The portrait utilities are something else though! A broad range of tools that totally nail it 90% of the time. #photography

I don’t want to sound uneducated or ignorant but the #parliamentsuspension hearing coverage on #bbcnews is positively dull. It’s important that we have a chance to see it but do it on a separate stream.

For no other reason than the fact I love #smooth, clean, #abstract patterns like this. It’s the visual equivalent of listening to an audio pad. #background

I was spammed with an ad for @Photomyne this morning. Looks interesting.......until I went to try it and it wants £8.99 per month!! 7 day trial but direct to sub after that. #Spotify is £1.00 more and offers access to a world of music...or I can take pictures of pictures. #ripoff

Just ordered a fridge / freezer. Used @ao for the first time for the simple fact that they have clear 'delivery from' dates next to *every* item in standard listing. Plus they can get stuff out in days rather than 14 days or more. I can tell you're excited! #shopping #movinghouse

It's so nice to have a video representing for and against in this way. It's more common for a doc-style vid to present information from one camp, as it were. I like the back & forth here. Oh, it's also very interesting. Cheers @veritasium #planet9 #space

It's that time of year again. It's boring, uneventful and while these are technological masterpieces, I'm afraid it's just a device to do the same things we've done for years. These are so much a part of our lives now that they all merge into one. #AppleEvent #iPhone11Pro

It’s surprising how accurately and effectively a fast paced action and combat scene can be conveyed in an #audiobook - Nicely narrated by @carlprekopp

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