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I’m looking for some replacement goggles. Seriously, Amazon Q&A is often complete garbage. I mean, what kind of idiot writes this stuff??! #amazon #qanda #reviews 😂

Going through the many photos I took at the Climate Strike earlier today. Mostly it was fun street photography, but to get this mediocre shot of the front of the march meant jumping into the mosh pit with the pro photogs and police.

#ClimateChange #GretaThunberg #Bristol #85mm

Strangest message when logging into Windows this morning in the office. What the hell does this mean? #Microsoft #Windows10

Testing one of these at the moment. Remember these? It’s a dictaphone and, although the smartphone has taken over the role of a dictaphone for many, these are still made. It’s a dedicated tool to get a job done. I love stuff like this. #sony #ux570 #dictaphone

It’s taken a while but as this is far from my full time job, I’m really pleased. Thank you to the 20,000 people who watched my content and felt it was good enough to hit Subscribe. #YouTuber #videography #tutorials #reviews

#googlephotos - Please let me turn off 'Colour Pop', 'Stylised Photo' & 'Animation from Video'. They are always crap. Always.

Watched the first three #Picard episodes last night. There were so many traps they could have fallen into but they haven't. I love it. This is genuinely decent, gripping television. Patrick is so good but he doesn't hold the show together alone. #StarTrek

Christmas tree is pretty much ‘dead’ after 7 days with about 75% of the needles falling with the tiniest touch. Shame. @FarmXmas #ChristmasTree

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