#Babies and #YouTube don't really mix. No videos made for over 3 weeks now. It's just impossible to find the time. I'm hoping to get back into it in the next few weeks but family comes first. #notime #newborn

Looking forward to the release of Camtasia 2018 today. It's another $100 to upgrade but this is software that is absolutely essential to my everyday work so it's money well spent. No plans to sign up to another subscription service though. #camtasia #software

This car was in front of me in the car wash today. It was absolutely spotless (picture is before washing). We were trying to figure out why they were even there?! #sundays #carwash #quandry

Covering quite the cool keyboard on LGR today: the Cherry KNX3-8451 from 1984!

Not only does it utilize early Cherry MX Black key mechanisms, but it's also an infrared wireless keyboard replacement for the PCjr. As well as the "PC Senior," ha.

I think it’s great that these type of images are possible from a phone. However, looking at the detail a little, the portrait mode on the iPhone is a bloody mess. #iphonephotography #portrait #iPhone8Plus

4K rendering finally in real-time at 50fps. Hammers that CPU though! #rendering #videoproduction #davinciresolve

What better to do when up at night with a 3 day old than binge watch @lazygamereviews Thrifts. It's kind of strange to me that he has probably heard more of Clint's voice than any other male at this stage. :-)

After a lengthy life, it’s time to decommission my first ever #SSD drive. It’s an old 3.5” OCZ 128GB Vertex. Obviously had to take it apart before binning it! #pcbuild #computers #technology

Mmmm, Volte. You are appealing. Your curves and clarity are wonderful! #fonts #GraphicDesign

Feeling sorry for #CamilaCabello at the moment having to work with what seems to be a majority dead crowd who only seem able to occasionally cheer. It's like a morgue out there. Maybe it's just how it looks on camera? #BiggestWeekend

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