Motorola TLKR-T80 Extreme – Usage Tips

By September 2, 2019 Radio


The Motorola T80 walkie-talkie has received a considerable amount of coverage on my channel. Released in 2014, it has now been superseded by the fully waterproof IP67 T92 model. However, the T80 has found its way into so many businesses that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Not only that but the T80 is a hit with consumers and even radio enthusiasts who are often a somewhat discerning group. True, it only supports the first 8 channels of the PMR446 band (9-16 were only opened up in 2018 in the UK), but this is just fine. They’re 0.5-watt radios. The small coverage area usually means that, for most people, this is not a problem.

Motorola TLKR T80 Consumer PMR446 Radio

Motorola hit the mark perfectly with this radio. It’s such an excellent midway point between the consumer and professional grade. Consumers need to pay more than they would for a Retevis or Baofeng, but, in return, they get a reliable product. Businesses, on the other hand, see this as a great value proposition when compared to a business radio such as the XT420 which costs over twice the amount.

For both sides, the radio carries the Motorola name. Don’t underestimate how much this means. If you’re using this device as anything other than a toy (which most people do), reliability is vital. Motorola radios may cost more, but if they last twice as long or do their job better, a business can save in many other ways.

So there’s the praise of the T80 and some reasons why it’s still so popular. In the video I cover a couple of tips for using it including…


This is for those who use the T80 as a tool. It’s not for those of us who get excited when another PMR446 radio is released. You will undoubtedly know this stuff already.

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  • David Freeman says:

    Hi Torsten,

    I have found your you tube videos on the Motorola TLKR 80 Extremes really useful and interesting – Thanks for posting them.
    I do have a question though, that I am hoping you can answer as can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    I have got hold of a couple of second hand ones and they are setup in group mode. I don’t need this at all as I got them just for one to one use.
    Is there a simple way to cancel the group mode so I just set them to the same channel and sub channel in non group mode? or even just do a reset on them to clear the current settings?

    Many Thanks

    Kind Regards


    p.s. Also really liked your range tests that include this model. Thanks for sharing those as well.

  • Richard Smith says:

    How can I reset a Motorola TLRK 80 to factory settings. At the moment both hand sets aren’t transmitting or receiving..,I’m miffed and can’t find anything on the net.

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